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See below for an outline of my current offerings


Please note that while in-person sessions are available in Florida, energy work will be performed off the body as I am not yet licensed by the FL massage board (a requirement for hands-on energy workers in the state).

Energy Healing

Integrated Energy Healing Sessions

An intuitive blend of Brennan Healing Science Skills and work from my other healing training, personalized in the moment to your individual needs and tailored to address whatever is presenting. Sessions begin with time to connect about whatever is present for you.

60 minute session: $100

90 minute session: $125

(all first-time sessions are 90 minutes)


Personalized Sound Healing Session

Using a powerful combination of Tibetan bowls and Crystal Tones alchemy bowls, as well as other instruments and vocal toning, this session offers a personalized sound bath integrated with Brennan Healing Science Skills and work from my other healing training. Like all my healing sessions, this will be different every time–tailored to your needs in the moment. The sound offers an invitation to let go, rest and dive deeply into the self.

50 minute session: $100

*Sound Healing Sessions are offered in-person only.


Divination and Guidance Session

This option is a consultation in which we will use divination methods to obtain additional guidance and perspective about your inquiry or issue. It may feel like an extension of the consultation work we do in the opening of a healing, supplemented by whatever divination method is called for. It is a great option if you find yourself at a crossroads in a matter, as this kind of intuitively guided discussion can lend perspective to your options.  My divination methods are not designed to tell you the “right” way to handle a situation–in my experience there may not even be such a thing–but rather to support you with heart in considering your options and possible outcomes, unmasking blocks or attitudes held in shadow around it, and exploring the variety of things that may be influencing your perspective. While healing often happens naturally through this work, divination sessions do not include table work.

45 minute session: $65



While much can potentially shift in a single session, deep healing takes place over time. To support you in your ongoing journey, I offer packages of 5 sessions at a discounted rate of $450. These are redeemable for any of the $100 services listed above.

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