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The Barbara Brennan School of Healing: Catherine is a graduate of the four year professional studies program at BBSH, class of 2019. The training profoundly transformed her life. She is currently in her first year of the two-year Advanced Studies in Brennan Integration Work program, which is also the Teacher Training track for the school.

Ipsalu Tantra International: Motivated by an interest in the connection between sexuality and the creative process, Catherine felt called to study Tantra Kriya Yoga. In Ipsalu, she found a method with a compassionate focus on the personal process around issues of sexuality and intimacy combined with powerful and effective Kriya and breathwork techniques for personal evolution. She received the Level 1 Cobra Breath technique in 2018, the Level 2 practice in 2021, and the Level 3 practice in  2022. She completed the first level of her teacher training in June of 2023, and now offers Ipsalu tantra yoga classes and mentoring both Long-Distance and in the Fort Lauderdale area.


Find her teacher page on the Ipsalu website HERE 

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The Foundation for Shamanic Studies: When Catherine heeded the call to shamanic work, she began by taking basic and then advanced workshops through FSS, which was founded by anthropologist Michael Harner. 

Shaman's Flame: Catherine has furthered her shamanic awareness under the guidance of the shamans of Shaman's Flame, Peter Clark and Kristine Peeler, attending advanced workshops and undergoing formal shamanic initiations.

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Ancestral Medicine: Heeding the call to expand her practice and go deeper in her work with the ancestors, Catherine found Daniel Foor's school of Ancestral Medicine in 2022. Based in ritual work and animist philosophy, the techniques taught have opened new ways of relating to the ancestors and healing patterns that get handed down through the generations. In addition to several seminars, she took their 12 week Ancestral Lineage Healing course and also attended an ALH course in-person in 2023. With particular appreciation for the way their work opens the door to cross-cultural healing, Catherine looks forward to continuing her studies with the school.

Illuminations of Gaia: After being introduced to the power of sound healing at BBSH, Catherine was guided to Bindy's practice, Illuminations of Gaia in Central MA–the only Crystal Tones Temple in New England. In addition to receiving sound baths from Bindy over the years, she has worked with her one on one, to obtain her own set of Alchemy Crystal and Tibetan bowls. 

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Le Sound Temple: Since moving to South Florida, Catherine has attended sound healing events hosted by fellow healing practitioner Simon Gervais of Le Sound Temple. Incorporating a variety of instruments, gongs, bowls, voice, and percussion, the sound medicine this team offers hold a space for deep healing.

Moody Street Circus: Catherine has been dancing her entire life, and attended classes at Moody Street Circus for over eight years. Her work here with Melina Pavlata of the Daughters of Rhea has helped her cultivate her body awareness both on the ground and in the air. 

The University of Gastronomic Sciences: In 2008, Catherine obtained her Masters degree in Food Culture and Communications from the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche in Parma, Italy.  This milestone formalized a lifelong exploration of our relationship to food, cooking and eating.

Barbara's Books

Hands of Light

Light Emerging

Core Light Healing

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