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So When You Say "Healing"...

As a healer, I am here to support you on your path of personal development and physical healing by removing blocks and stagnation in your energy field, charging, clearing and strengthening the field, correcting energetic misalignments and distortions, and helping to identify and assist in transforming and transmuting old patterns that are no longer serving you.  These can manifest physically, mentally, emotionally and/or energetically. In the Brennan Healing Science holistic model, nothing exists in isolation, and working in one area can, and does, affect them all. The goal is to give the client a new experience, opening them deeply to a new way, so that the body and energy consciousness system can access its natural ability to come back into balance and heal itself.

In practical terms, sessions will usually begin with an opening interview in which we come together, so I can become familiar with your situation and with what you would like to work. This is followed by fully clothed table work, usually starting with what Barbara has dubbed a chelation.  This is a way to clear and charge the whole energy system that involves light physical touch on the joints and chakras (energy centers). Following this, a variety of hands-on healing techniques may be used to work specifically with the issues on which you are focused.  There is always an open channel of communication between the client and healer, and your personal comfort with whatever is being done is always considered. The approach is integrative–designed to work with and support the other ways you are maintaining your health.

Sessions usually last between 1 and 1.5 hours. The first session will usually be 1.5-2 hours long, so that there is sufficient time to become familiar with your background. 

Please click the Services link above to learn more about my specific offerings and rates.

Photo by Elizabeth MacSwan

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