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Hi, I'm Catherine.  I have passionately explored the mysterious and the mystical since I was a child.  I am a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing where, for four years, I received intensive training in a variety of healing techniques and personal process work. Concurrently, I have cultivated my relationship with spirit through Shamanic study and practice with Spirit's Flame and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and have delved deeply into exploring and healing the relationship between masculine and feminine energies in myself and in the world through Ipsalu Tantra Kriya yoga practice. Through these years of work, I've learned to be able to sit with and support the parts of myself that have felt like they were never enough, like they didn't belong, like there was a "right" way to be, that feared my being seen and heard as I truly am, and that shied away from feeling my personal power. I specialize in helping my clients come to hear and know themselves, embrace their divine inner authority, shed shame and discover their inherent worthiness for love, and become unstuck in areas of their lives in which they have held themselves back. 

In my muggle life, I work on the business side of the film and television industry and write and direct my own films–mostly internal adventure stories and art pieces.  I love to cook, eat, and dance, dance, dance.

You will find in me a healer with a big heart, who is dedicated to the truth, and fascinated with life, ready to hold space for you in support of your own healing journey.

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